If you haven't heard of Citadel before, then you're probably in the wrong place. If you want to know what this is about, perhaps http://www.citadel.org/ is a good place to start.

However, if you're interested in a little bit of Citadel history, then you might be in the right place.

I have been a major user of Citadels in the Seattle area from around 1985 through the present. There have been some gaps in that time, but I seem to keep coming back in some way or another. For a while, I was actively developing a variant of Citadel that was heavily used in Seattle, and also got use in other parts of the country. Eventually, though, I got busy doing other things, and now just call a few Citadels.

This archive went on line (well, started to go on line) on March 26, 1999. I was sitting around my house one evening, wondering what to do, when I remembered a box of diskettes that was mailed to me some time around 1996 or so; it included many versions of Citadels. This mailing was unsolicited, and I still don't know why it was sent to me, but I've kept the disks, wondering what I would ever do with them.

Well, with the advent of modern connectivity, I realized that I could put them all up for access on one of my computers. Perhaps someone else would want them.

I've mostly just reproduced the archive here, adding a little bit at times, and formatting the original ASCII indexes in the mighty language known as HTML, so it at least looks slightly modern.

I am still in the process of adding the files to this site. For links that give you a 404 error, I don't have any files relating to that software, but I do have some amount of history or other information that I will add eventually. Feel free to send me mail if you really need to have the information that I haven't added yet; I'll move it to the top of my list of what to add next.

07Feb17 - Reconstructed this page from my own archives, and web.archive.org, realized someone had also mirrored it.

I also have some additional bits of Citadel software that I will hopefully eventually update these pages with. I will probably also add a Filters subsection to the Miscellaneous page. -jesse

07Aug01 - Finally added the 'unsorted' files to their respective pages:
ACit, Centauri's Citadel, Citadel (by Gremlin), Citadel+, Citadel-86, Citadel/UX, Citadel:K2NE, Dragon's Citadel, Gremlin's Citadel, Maven's Citadel, and Squiggle
Also, some text filters, and misc apps are linked on the bottom of 'Other Stuff'

I haven't labeled many of these things for what they are, there are also a few duplicates, any info, or additional software, or corrections you may have I'd love a note so I can punch them in. -jesse

The Software
ACit Acropolis AmiDel Asgard-80 Asgard-86
ATKeep Atlas b0badel BabeCit Captain's Citadel
Centauri's Citadel Citadel Citadel (by Gremlin) Citadel II Citadel+
Citadel++ Citadel-128 Citadel-64 Citadel-65 Citadel-68k
Citadel-86 Citadel-86e Citadel-86/TI Citadel/UX Citadel:K2NE
Citadel Plus CitSim/WICAT Commons Co-Op Citadel CopperCit
dars Dave's Own Citadel Daydream Cafe Digital Dungeon Dragon's Citadel
DTJ BBS Elegia Elf BBS <fnord>adel Fortress-PC
Fortress-ST Fred's Citadel FrogCit FUBARC Gremlin's Citadel
HoloCit Ideatree Inner Sanctum Ironhenge Macadel
MacCitadel Maven's Citadel Metropolis Minibin M.O.D.E.
NeoCitadel NeoLith NightCit Novucivitas NYTI
Orkadel-94 OverCit Pseudodel SacCit-80 Saturn
Squiggle STadel STadel-Ami STadel-PC ST-Keep
Stonehenge Titan Titanic TurboCit TwitCit
Other stuff
The note that came with the disks
A collection of issues of Citanews, plus one issue of CitaHell
Some other miscellaneous stuff
Some text filters and other small apps, some meant for use with GremCit/Cit+ message bases and user logs

If you have something to add that's missing from this collection, feel free to contact me at bbottles@rafn.com. I suppose that you can even contact me for other reasons if you want.