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94Feb13 21:43:55 pst From [Deal with it.] Little Nemo @ Slumberland,
USA/WA/KING {while you sleep}, 206.547-2629

 It would be interesting to see Squiggle. I think Jason has seen it; he said
the speed is amazing. Which is expected, I guess.
 It would be neat if there was a Cit history archive library somewhere. The
library would keep one representative copy of each Citadel software, including
MacCitadel, Cit68k, Cit86, TwitCit, etc. Just for historical purposes.

Citadel Archive

If you haven't heard of Citadel before, then you're probably in the wrong place. If you want to know what this is about, perhaps is a good place to start.

However, if you're interested in a little bit of Citadel history, then you might be in the right place.

I have been a major user of Citadels in the Seattle area from around 1985 through the present. There have been some gaps in that time, but I seem to keep coming back in some way or another. For a while, I was actively developing a variant of Citadel that was heavily used in Seattle, and also got use in other parts of the country. Eventually, though, I got busy doing other things, and now just call a few Citadels.

This archive went on line (well, started to go on line) on March 26, 1999. I was sitting around my house one evening, wondering what to do, when I remembered a box of diskettes that was mailed to me some time around 1996 or so; it included many versions of Citadels. This mailing was unsolicited, and I still don't know why it was sent to me, but I've kept the disks, wondering what I would ever do with them.

Well, with the advent of modern connectivity, I realized that I could put them all up for access on one of my computers. Perhaps someone else would want them.

I've mostly just reproduced the archive here, adding a little bit at times, and formatting the original ASCII indexes in the mighty language known as HTML, so it at least looks slightly modern.

I am still in the process of adding the files to this site. For links that give you a 404 error, I don't have any files relating to that software, but I do have some amount of history or other information that I will add eventually. Feel free to send me mail if you really need to have the information that I haven't added yet; I'll move it to the top of my list of what to add next.

If you have something to add that's missing from this collection, feel free to contact me at I suppose that you can even contact me for other reasons if you want.


Reconstructed this page from my own archives, and, realized someone had also mirrored it.

I also have some additional bits of Citadel software that I will hopefully eventually update these pages with. I will probably also add a Filters subsection to the Miscellaneous page. -jesse


Finally added the 'unsorted' files to their respective pages: ACit, Centauri's Citadel, Citadel (by Gremlin), Citadel+, Citadel-86, Citadel/UX, Citadel:K2NE, Dragon's Citadel, Gremlin's Citadel, Maven's Citadel, and Squiggle Also, some text filters, and misc apps are linked on the bottom of 'Other Stuff'

I haven't labeled many of these things for what they are, there are also a few duplicates, any info, or additional software, or corrections you may have I'd love a note so I can punch them in. -jesse


Wikiifying it, again. Software page template goes here


Think I've got all the info from Brent's old HTML wiki-fied, all software (excepting some unsorted filters and tools linked from here and from the Cit+ page. Have added vDOC, JayDOC, Conspire, Acropolis Apple pages.

Oh, bashadel (someone fill it in!) and perladel pages too.

Gee, I suppose I'll edit Brent's original notes above and substitute my email address.

Argh, forgot GenCit-86, and found Nitelite which may be Yet Another Citadel Clone.

BeBS, BBS101, YAWC, and ZorkCit as well, which I wish I had more info on.

Some information and software added to this wiki has been sourced from the BBS Documentary

An incomplete list of Citadels

The Software
ACit Acropolis Acropolis (Apple) AmiDel Asgard-80 Asgard-86
ATKeep Atlas b0badel BabeCit bashadel BBS100
BBS101 BeBS Captain's Citadel Centauri's Citadel Citadel Citadel (by Gremlin)
Citadel II Citadel+ Citadel++ Citadel-128 Citadel-64 Citadel-68k
Citadel-86 Citadel-86e Citadel-86/TI Citadel/UX Citadel:K2NE Citadel Plus
Citamad/Lumadel CitSim/WICAT Commons Conspire Co-Op Citadel CopperCit
dars Dave's Own Citadel Daydream Cafe Digital Dungeon Dragon's Citadel DTJ BBS
Elegia Elf BBS <fnord>adel Fortress-PC Fortress-ST Fred's Citadel
FrogCit FUBARC GenCit-86 Gremlin's Citadel HoloCit Ideatree
Inner Sanctum Ironhenge JayDOC Macadel MacCitadel Maven's Citadel
Metropolis Minibin M.O.D.E. NeoCitadel NeoLith NightCit
Nitelite Novucivitas NYTI Orkadel-94 OverCit perladel
Pseudodel SacCit-80 Saturn Squiggle STadel STadel-Ami
STadel-PC ST-Keep Stonehenge Titan Titanic TurboCit
TwitCit Unidel vDOC YAWC ZorkCit

Citadel-related material

Other stuff
The note that came with the disks
A collection of issues of Citanews, plus one issue of CitaHell
Some other miscellaneous stuff
Some text filters and other small apps, some meant for use with GremCit/Cit+ message bases and user logs

Citadel elsewhere

Encyclopedia Dramatica has an amusing take on Citadel. Be warned: site has annoying popups.

Citadel/UX lives at