Potential Projects

From Lower Ground
  • Create a wiki version of the Citadel Archive mirror. (in progress, just need to add in unsorted gcit/cit+ files) (stagnant)
  • Buy a motorcycle. (complete, and it's broken)
    • Buy a different motorcycle, that isn't broken. (complete! bought audin's TU250)
    • Buy a bigger motorcycle, for Epic Road Trips(tm)
  • Rebuild Dad's Philco 37-620CS (complete!)
  • WORK: Get a different job. - well, got into IT. - well, got more money for that job.
    • okay, now i work on stuff that goes on airplanes and that's pretty neat.
  • LIFE: Move someplace warmer. - hmmm. rachel doesn't like the more warm as much. i like rachel an awful lot. job things are a factor.
  • jesselab: De-lid a pair of Xeon X5677s to upgrade Pegasus from the E5520's. 8 cores @ 2.26GHz to 8 cores @ 3.46GHz, plus enabling DDR3-1333. (Done!, it's nice! though only just barely beats out a Skylake quad-core now... :)) (also, i didn't delid, i figure out how to shim the heatsink posts appropriately)
  • jesselab: get a server rack for all that goofy equipment. (done)
  • B20B and CR-V AWD swap in the Integra